About Us 

​​Moon Lake Improvement Club is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1962 for the purpose to better the sanitation, fishing, boating, recreational & tourist conditions associated with Moon Lake. The Moon Lake Improvement Club works as a unified and cooperative partnership with various county, state, federal and special interest groups to showcase the best that Moon Lake has to offer. We are working to establish a common vision and core values that enhance the sense of community for residents around the lake; a respect for visitors to the lake, and a safe and enjoyable environment for all recreational uses in and around the lake. We focus on those areas that we can influence in a positive manner. Our efforts will be achieved by willing and creative volunteers who will collaborate with a variety of partnerships to achieve the very best for Moon Lake, one of Coahoma County's greatest assets. We hope the Improvement Club continues to instill pride to each and every person who has the opportunity to live, play or visit the lake.

2015-16 Year Goals: We will work strategically and diligently to enhance the conditions and experiences to all lake users, visitors, and residents , specifically in the areas of water quality and water levels, health and safety, and improvement of the fishery. We will also seek to increase our membership throughout the year. 

About: Moon Lake covers 2300 acres and is a shallow lake with the deepest points never reaching more than 35 feet. The lake is a fisherman's paradise and attracts anglers from across the region.  Moon Lake is well-known for its crappie, catfish, and seasonal duck hunting.  The lake is located

near the Mississippi River and provides many opportunities to view migratory birds.  The water's are still and a great place to spend an afternoon paddling your canoe or kayak and taking in the tranquil beauty and solitude of one of Mississippi's largest natural lakes.